The candles are lit, the wine is decanting and the turkey is in the oven. Gather at Chuck's this December 25th for a traditional Christmas dinner.

$42 plus tax and gratuity along with our a la carte menu.

The celebration begins at 5pm

Reserve online 

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New Year's Eve

With an early a la carte family seating, and an evening
celebration set menu, Chuck rings in the New Year.


Family seating
5pm - 6pm

Join us for a family friendly celebration and enjoy Chuck's famous a la carte menu.

A la carte menu served.

Children's menu available.

All family seating reservations are for a maximum of 2 hours


Celebration seating
8pm - 10pm

Serving a spectacular 4 course set menu featuring
Chuck's in-house dry aged Alberta Beef, 

$145 per person plus tax and gratuity. 

No a la carte menu available. 

No childrens menu available.